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Employee Attendance Management System & Tracking Software

Time and attendance management systems and tracking software tools are reliable and efficient ways to record leave & attendance. It saves the time for human resource department. A web-based or application-based employee attendance tracker eliminates paper-based timesheets. This allows you to manage employee’s attendance sheets, leaves, work shifts, vacation time, sick leaves, etc. All this can be easily managed through an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Time and attendance were managed manually in the olden days. They use time-keeping books or on a sheet of paper. The schedule and other important information about employees get lost with the loss of paper sheets. With the introduction of attendance management systems and tracking software’s it becomes easy to manage attendance. It helps in audit and compliance with the law of the land.

Move from manual attendance sheet to  attendance management system
A manual time sheet can be a pain

Correct time and attendance capturing of employees is essential to compute and complete the critical payroll process. Any mistake will lead to the wrong payroll being processed for employees. Right time and attendance management system and software insure details are captured correctly. Attendance of employees is usually integrated with other software and system. This enables you to easily manage, monitor, and track employee productivity.

Need For Attendance Management System

Efficiently and cost-effectively keeping the track of attendance of employees is a different challenge for every organization. A human resources manager handling leave and attendance records at a factory setup may have different attendance tracking needs. He may have to manage the leave and attendance records of a mix of part-time and full-time employees.

A site or office with multiple shifts planning and scheduling has a different attendance requirement. In a large call center setup where there is huge manpower, multiple shifts, and a high attrition rate. The situation becomes more complex if you don’t have robust time and attendance management tools.

The organization that follows traditional or old ways of taking attendance in their office or factories. This leads to frequent disputes with employees regarding their payout leading to productivity loss and employee dissatisfaction. Most businesses are increasing their spending year on year on employee compensation. This raises the demand for developing a strong and reliable attendance system is of utmost importance for employers.

automated attendance management system can eliminate the pain for manual handling of data
Improper Attendance Management System & Software Tools can be a nightmare for the HR Team

It’s important to track employee attendance for many reasons :

  • The payroll team wants to make sure you’re paying employees the right amount as per their timesheet
  • Tracking attendance makes it easier to plan out your schedule and shifts
  • Your customer will appreciate the transparent attendance tracking tool as a proof of the work your team has completed
  • Helps in maintaining transparency and eliminating dispute

Payroll is an important part of employee attendance. Deploying the right employee attendance management system and tracking software tools can eliminate buddy punching and payroll fraud.

An inaccurate time and attendance system can lead to cheating by employees. The employee can claim a full day’s salary and actually have worked for a few hours. It’s best to invest in the right attendance management system and tracking software. There are regulations and laws that ask state employers have to keep track of employee attendance. He needs to make sure employees are being paid the right amount they deserve.

Plan ahead of time to optimize employee scheduling and tracking of attendance. This will enable you to keep track of employees attendance records. You can design your daily work schedule using your leave and attendance data.

How To Track Employee Attendance

Technological development modernizes the attendance process. You can have a robust, transparent, real-time based attendance management system. These modern attendance tools can be integrated with different software tools used for managing payroll etc. This leads to having a better view of the workforce and measuring the productivity index of the organization. Right employee attendance tracking software you can manage payroll more efficiently and create schedules. You can do much more with this leave and attendance data.

Several options are available today for tracking the time and attendance of employees. The traditional old method of tracking employee attendance was manually on a sheet of paper. Taking attendance this way was time-consuming. The risk of losing that sheet of paper and attendance data is high.

The introduction of the computer allows you to use spreadsheets to keep track of time and attendance. Spreadsheets are more convenient and easy to manage and use. This allows you to quickly input larger amounts of data of employees in the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are not a full-proof solution for capturing attendance.

The solution is to use the software-based system for attendance tracking. They will allow you to keep track of time and attendance without having to manually fill out sheets or keep track of data. This will save you time. You can make it easier to analyze time and attendance data and can make valuable decisions. This software infact are updated and compliant with government norms. This software is designed to help you accurately track time and attendance without all the manual interventions.

Having a robust time and attendance management system and software will ensure no leakages . It results in employee and employer satisfaction.

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Some Common Ways To Track Employee Attendance

Time and attendance tracking has been an essential practice for employers. Organizations that keep track of employee attendance have evolved along with technology. A variety of methods are in use today.

A few common attendance monitoring techniques include:
  • Physical punch cards
  • Swiping an employee RFID card or badge
  • Attendance registers or timesheets
  • Manually recording employee hours in a spreadsheet
  • Biometric trackings through fingerprint and retina scans
  • Software-based employee attendance systems
  • Apps and mobile phone-based attendance systems
  • GPS tracking of employee locations (Geo-Fencing & Geo-tagging)

Which attendance management system and software tracking method works best varies widely from employer to employer. One attendance management system may be good for one company. The same solution may not work for other companies. Let’s take a closer look at some of these time and attendance solutions and see where the pros and cons lie.

Attendance Punch Card Time Clock

This is one of the old ways workers lined up to get in at the start of the working day. Now not much in use. Punch card time systems are out of date and prone to fraudulent behavior like buddy punching. Biometric attendance tools can virtually eliminate that kind of time fraud, making punch cards mostly obsolete.

Attendance Management By Card Swipe Time Clock

The employees for attendance swipe or scan their employee ID card. It is the modern equivalent of the old punch-card system. On swiping ID cards, their attendance data is automatically uploaded to the employer’s system and recorded their data for the day.

This method of taking attendance does not provide much safety and security. You cannot compare attendance with a touch-free time clock with facial recognition. It can be a feasible attendance management system for some employers. Relying on physical ID cards that can easily be lost, forgotten, or stolen opens the door for delays and fraud that cancel out the efficiency of your attendance management system and time tracking software.

Paper-Based Timesheets And Attendance Registers

Paper-based workforce management systems are almost the things of the past. Even in small businesses, relying on manual time paper attendance registers is a time-consuming, inefficient process that presents a serious risk for costly errors. Automated time and attendance capturing tools have significant benefits to all stakeholders in the organization for data analysis and better management of resources. Collecting this data from paper records is very time-consuming, which could be much more easily handled by an automated employee attendance management system and software tools. Upgrading to automated attendance management tools is essential in today’s business environment.

Time And Attendance Spreadsheets

Capturing attendance through spreadsheets has become outdated and not in much use. Manual entry systems require managers to enter each employee’s time and attendance data by hand is very time-consuming. It leaves room for error and staffers who grow bored with entering the same data day after day. Growing cyber security concerns, and outdated methods of tracking online attendance present possible gaps in your organization’s data security system. Upgrading your data entry tools with an automatic employee attendance tracking system can go a long way to solving all of these issues.

Attendance Management By Biometric Time Clocks

Time attendance tracking biometric devices has evolved almost as impressively as software solutions. The old system for time and attendance capturing like a punch card and timesheet systems are been replaced by more automated biometric solutions that recognize employees based on their fingerprints, retinal scans, and facial recognition. Completely touch-free operations for attendance tracking are available in the market without relying on facial scans or voice commands.

These modern time and attendance hardware options help to eliminate time fraud and error caused by humans. They contribute to a more health and safety-conscious workplace by maintaining social distancing in workplaces.

Attendance Management By Mobile Employee Attendance Apps

The demand for the business is growing for the mobile workforce today. This opens an avenue for software that provides real-time attendance management of the mobile workforce. Businesses in industries like transport, construction, eCommerce delivery, and healthcare have workers in the field and mobile attendance apps that allow employees to check-in and out from any location they work on any given day.

A mobile attendance tracking app gives stakeholders greater control over and insights into the way their workforce manages its time on a given day.

GPS Tracking have given the arsenal to stakeholder to track the workforce in real time for better workforce management and analysis of data in ever growing dynamic market.

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GPS tracking allows teams to track the physical location of the workforce on a given day, which helps in prevent time fraud and makes it easier to provide workers with the resources they need. Data collected from the workforce by a mobile attendance app provides significant information that can be used for hiring decisions schedule management and much more.

Advantages of the modern attendance management system and software tools.

Employers are keen on the most effective automated time and attendance monitoring solution available in the market. Here are some of the key areas where a fully automated workforce management system can benefit an entire organization.

  • Maintaining complex shift
  • Managing a large workforce
  • Manage white color and blue color employee’s data separately
  • Generating reports for different teams in the organization
  • Better management and control of the attendance management system
  • Brings transparency, and satisfaction to employees and management
  • Easy to upscale as the demands arise
relax and remain ahead by implementing automated system
Remain ahead of the curve


Employee time and attendance management systems and tracking software tools are an important part of payroll. It helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Organizations using an automated employee attendance management system and tracking software, don’t have to worry about making mistakes or failing to comply with local, state, and federal laws of the country.

Automating these processes saves you money and gives more time to your human resource department to focus on other activities to grow your business. There are a good time and attendance software that can help you with all of your attendance tracking needs. Check out software to learn more about how Zing provides solutions that help you increase productivity, remain compliant, and boost your business.

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